Monthly Archives: April 2011

My Little Buddha

Have you ever tried to meditate? It’s effin’ hard.  No doubt about it. I can’t get my brain to shut off.  It goes on and on and on just like that annoying Energizer bunny. But I have been successful a few times….and it’s amazing.  It’s this natural high and every particle inside of you just […]

Pirates Don’t Have Tactile Defensiveness!

Me:”Brian, are you a pirate?” Brian: “Imma pie!!” Brian has been wearing this pirate patch for three hours and still going strong.  No joke. From the kid who goes at his clothes with scissors (instead of asking for help and then giving his mother an anxiety attack when she sees him reaching behind his back […]

Abracadabra: Autism Awareness Month

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my child with autism.” Have you heard that before? Maybe I’ve even said something along those lines. But it’s not true. I love Brian so much.  I can’t even try to put that love into words.  My heart honestly expands against my chest when I think about how much […]