Monthly Archives: April 2013


Those are the perfect imprints of my child’s teeth on his hand. This was the result of him feeling frustrated about not knowing what was next in the morning routine. This is why I will not be quiet and smile and say that autism is a blessing. This is why I say that I would […]

Gluten Strikes Again

Things have been really good.  So good that Brian has attended things like Colin’s gig and a hockey game with very little meltdown behavior. In fact he danced the night away at Colin’s gig. And his brother and cousin used the noise-cancelling headphones way more than he needed to at the hockey game. He actually […]

Touching Strangers

It was surprisingly quiet in the grocery store for a Sunday afternoon.  Generally I despise and loathe those big Sunday grocery trips so I was pleasantly surprised at the peacefulness. I was able to let Brian’s invisible tether grow a little and I felt my own grip on the handle of the cart loosen. Brian […]