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The OTA’s Gift Guide for Children on the Spectrum


Stumped on what to get your little one on the spectrum for Christmas? Look no further! Years of experience as a Mom, first and foremost, and as an occupational therapy assistant has helped me narrow down my top twelve gifts for Christmas this year!

Social Story: Moving to a New Home


As I’ve mentioned previously we are getting ready to move to our new home! We brought both boys to the house soon after our offer was accepted last month.  Brian was so confused and upset.  The previous owners were still living in the house at that time and he really wanted to get into all […]

What’s Your Super Power?


“So, what’s his super power?” I have seriously been asked that question about a half dozen times.  Granted it’s been a few years since the last time, and I hope that is a representation of autism awareness growing. Sometimes people have seen Rain Man one too many times and think they know autism.  Or they […]

A Birthday Letter


Dear Corbin, Last night, we had a family birthday party for you.  I love getting our family together to celebrate someone’s birth, particularly when it’s one of my boys.  It was so much fun talking with everyone, watching you smile and laugh, and seeing you light up with your gifts.  So much fun until your […]

Being Honest With Myself


This year Brian trick or treated for a grand total of 20 minutes.  Not the worst year, not the best either.  During those entire 20 minutes he kept pointing back to home while whimpering.  Once he got home he stripped his costume off with lightning speed and hunkered down on the couch. Brian loved his costume […]