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When It Clicks and Abstract Ideas Become Concrete

Most children on the spectrum, learn best by really repetitive teaching like ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis).  Brian responds well to this and has learned many things over the years, that some professionals tried to say he’d never learn. However, sometimes children on the spectrum have a really hard time generalizing what they are learning.  What […]

Give Me Naughty Any Day

This week my son got a hold of a huge bottle of hair spray.  And I mean HUGE. Mama is trying to grow out her bangs so hair spray has become a necessity.  He sprayed it all over the bathroom until it was empty.  It was a wonderful thing to come home to a sticky, hard […]

Pirates Don’t Have Tactile Defensiveness!

Me:”Brian, are you a pirate?” Brian: “Imma pie!!” Brian has been wearing this pirate patch for three hours and still going strong.  No joke. From the kid who goes at his clothes with scissors (instead of asking for help and then giving his mother an anxiety attack when she sees him reaching behind his back […]