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To The Table of Compassion & Empathy, Thank You!

We had a whole slew of errands to get through this morning and it’s not always easy to make a lot of stops with Brian in tow as transitions are very tricky for him.  He started fussing after the third stop so like any great Mom, I bribed him and his brother with some fast food […]

Speaking Through Movie Scripts

Speaking through (1)

  It’s hard to explain Brian’s language capabilities to people who don’t know him or know autism. You can’t hold a conversation with him very often and he usually can’t answer most questions.  The professionals label him “functionally nonverbal”, as he has a huge vocabulary of words but he doesn’t communicate with them.  However,  he […]

Give Me Naughty Any Day


This week my son got a hold of a huge bottle of hair spray.  And I mean HUGE. Mama is trying to grow out her bangs so hair spray has become a necessity.  He sprayed it all over the bathroom until it was empty.  It was a wonderful thing to come home to a sticky, hard […]

From the diary of a tired, emotional special-needs Mom.

As it goes with these ugly truth posts, I wrote this in an emotional fever. Not even going back to edit it. And then it sat in my drafts, me too scared to hit “Publish”, too scared to really share the emotions that go with this gig. Me going back and rereading it over and over again- can I share this? Can I put myself out there? And then I always get that nagging thought- “You are not alone. There’s so many families out there in this same exact position. 1 in freaking 45 families according to the newest data. Other people need to know they are not alone too. That’s why you started blogging.” So here it is. Straight from my diary.

7 Steps to Defuse a Terrible, No-Good Autism Day

All the Words (1)

Today was a terrible, no-good autism day. I had my emotional breakdown this morning so I’m not going to relive it and write about it.  Plus, I’ve done that before. But, I did leave work early to be home with my boy, as he did not seem to be in a place to be able […]

Where the Special Needs Mom Has Her Own Meltdown

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Last night, Brian had a Code Red meltdown in the middle of the middle school lobby.  Lots of people saw it.  They probably saw a Mom looking incredibly cool under a ton of pressure.  A mom that stayed quiet and calm and who helped him work through it. And after I got asked the inevitable, […]

Ten ways to fill your own cup

10Waysto Fillyour owncup

Last night, on my facebook page I shared an image that read: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first.” How many times have you been told that, in some form or another, as a special needs parents?  Probably countless of times.  It sounds so good and so true but I […]