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Autism Lives Here: Nina & Pinta

Autism Lives Here: A Sunday ritual.

Pictures that give a glimpse into our life with autism. Pictures that may show how distinctly different our lives are from yours because of autism. Or pictures that may show how similar our lives are regardless of autism.

Thoughtful Recap

On Tuesday I had the last phone appointment covered under the Bright Eyes grant with The Johnson Center (formally known as The Thoughtful House). Just like every appointment I’ve had with them- whether it be by phone or in person- it lifted me up just when I was starting to feel very “stuck” and in […]

Never Thought

I never thought Brian wouldn’t have a bruise on his forehead from banging his head on the wall repeatedly throughout the day………….it’s now been three years since he has participated in self-injurious behaviors. I never thought I would get Brian to eat new foods when I changed his diet…………now he’s licking asparagus and eating hamburgers […]