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Why I love Pokemon Go, when I just wanted to hate it.

As a mom to two “screen monsters”, I really didn’t want to love the newest obsession. But as a mom to two quirky kids, I’ve quickly come to love it. Here’s why I love it and you probably will too if you have a child that falls somewhere on the wide spectrum of autism, sensory-processing disorder, or other social disorders.

A Halloween for Everyone

Halloween is fast approaching. I know because our daily montage of videos has changed from Little Einsteins and Over the Hedge to Scooby Doo and Wizard of Oz.  Yes, I can tell the seasons by whatever movie Brian is obsessing over at the time. Very exciting news around our home is that Brian independently chose […]

4th of July Survival Kit

The 4th of July can be very overstimulating for those with autism or sensory processing disorder. Between our two boys we have figured this holiday out and have developed a very strategic plan. Here are our top five needed items for a successful Parade! What’s your go-to items?

The Pajama King

Every day he’ll get dressed for school or to do errands with little complaint (sometimes there’s complaints, but never too long-lived). But the second he returns home he is back in his pajamas. I truly mean the second he walks through the door. He starts ripping the clothes off as he’s walking so there is often a trail of socks and underwear from the front door to the laundry room. He is often in his pajamas before I have even put away the keys and my purse. No joke.

Just One Of The Kids.

On any given day autism shakes things up. Some days we have to change our list of errands because it’s apparent that just one more transition will send him over the edge. Sometimes it’s just the ten extra minutes we have to take to truly prep Brian for any changes in his day. Other days it’s soothing tears and applying Neosporin to the latest hand bite. Sometimes it’s things that are just second nature that we don’t really even think about anymore. And some days it’s so hard that autism is the only thing I think of through the day.

However, every once in a while there is an afternoon that he’s just one of the kids.