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Under the Microscope

To have a child with special needs, you have to develop a thick skin. People are forever assessing your child. Heck, your whole family gets assessed. You are always under the microscope, being analyzed. In their defense they are doing it to help you and your child receive the services that are needed. We’ve been in this world for 10 years now and you would think I’d be accustomed to it. But it never gets easier and no matter how thick my skin grows, I always feel the need to “protect” my child against the people who are really trying to help him.

Gluten Strikes Again

Things have been really good.  So good that Brian has attended things like Colin’s gig and a hockey game with very little meltdown behavior. In fact he danced the night away at Colin’s gig. And his brother and cousin used the noise-cancelling headphones way more than he needed to at the hockey game. He actually […]